This policy is solely for and it oversees all the data, and information collected and its purpose. This policy includes all the administrations within the site.

Individual Identification Data

The individual identification data may be collected in order to administrate our website. We may collect email address to provide latest feeds and news directly to their email address. The readers have right to decline to give the identification data.

Non-Individual Identification Data

We may collect non-individual identification data as a proof of users and readers contacting us. It includes the name of the user, IP address of PC, cookies and more.

Utilization of Data

The collection of such data is utilized for some supplementary purposes. We do respect the privacy of an individual seriously.

Customize Reader’s Experience

We may use the data, or the message to customize our portal as per their request to make it hassle-free.

Send Latest Updates

We may use the email list to send latest news updates directly to their mailing address. We do so if the reader opts in for the feeds.

Protection of Data

We take the privacy very seriously. So, we do protect your data and do not use for selling purpose. Our system features a subsystem, that stores data but do not expose it to anyone; not even to our team.

When we ask for such data, be sure to check whether it is on a secure server (SSL) or not.

Google AdSense and Advertisement

We may serve advertisement by Google. Google’s Adsense is the only thing that provides advertisement as per the cookies on your browser. So, we are not liable for any unauthentic ads by them. For more about Google Ads, read here:

We may also serve some native ads and local ads in your country.

Changes in Privacy Policy

We do update our Privacy Policy regularly. When it is done, we do inform our readers. If our readers opted in for the update, they can get information directly to their email.

Your Acknowledgment

By using, you hereby agree to our terms and conditions. If you are not quite sure about these terms, you can contact us.

Document Last Updated: 3rd October 2017.